LLimousine Flint - Smart Pricing for Party Buses and Limos

Limousine Flint offers smart, dynamic pricing that gives you an edge over all the other party goers out there who choose companies with flat pricing structures. That means that each day has its own price, carefully calculated by demand, fuel prices, traffic, and other insider factors. Anything we can do to offer you an advantage, we'll do! And our unique pricing reflects that. Note that we have a minimum service time of six hours per trip. We sometimes offer pickup and drop off service only at particular times, so please call to inquire about that if you are interested in it. You can reach us any time via telephone or email (contact info above) to get a free price quote at any time, and we do accept most forms of payment including cash, major credit cards, and PayPal.

Our prices fluctuate with market demand so we can offer the best prices all year round. We take several factors into consideration when building quotes for you, such as date (time of year/day of week), time of rental, hours of rental, size of vehicle, etc. We do everything we can to avoid any unnecessary fees or surcharges, and when those do come up, they are discussed up-front so that there are no surprises on the bill at the end of your trip.

If you're looking to save money when traveling with us, note that prices are often a bit higher during peak season and weekends are more expensive than weekdays. When you call to get a quote, there's a few pieces of information our agents will ask for in order to find accurate pricing on the best vehicle. Those pieces of information are listed below, so be sure to have them ready when you call!

  • The date of your event
  • The time of pick up
  • The location of pick up
  • The time of drop off
  • The location of drop off
  • Number of passengers you'll need to accommodate

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